I'm so excited Anna finally got filmed in her own office while answering 73 questions you need to know about: herself, New York and her Chanel sunnies. Oh and Karlie Kloss pops up, which makes it even more interesting. Finally she talks about her personal interests and dislikes. I never imagined her being a home person, by the way. She prefers being at home as a place for holiday. I bet she owns a really nice place! Let me know what you think about this video in a comment. 



What's that thing that women always tend to collect certain items? I know a lot of girls that have huge beauty stashes, shoe- and bag collections etc. But what's the thing about having all of these items and not getting to wear them? That's something my boyfriend asked me some time ago. 'Why do you need more shoes when you have so many you don't even remember them all?' Really, good point. But the thing is, us women.. we need shoes. We need bags. We need three hundred colors of nail polish and lipgloss. Why? We need variety in our lives.



I'm so excited! Finally it's time to give my room a full make-over. While I'm still living with my parents, I don't do this very often.. but it's time now. I need a new bed and some accessories to complete my style. My room already is black and white, but I need to add a bit of modern style that I love these days.   What I find inspiring about these pictures? Click read more to find out!



Now I'm totally over my I-miss-being-in-Curacao -fase, I'm ready for my brand new winter collection. This year is going to be all about texture and shine for me. I love to combine several textures like wool and silk, but I also love the shine of these lacquer shiny boots by Saint Laurent (F/W '14 collection). What my signature pieces will be this winter? Click read more to read all about it!



As I told you yesterday, I am back in business after relaxing for a while at the beautiful islands of Curacao and Aruba. I really enjoyed my vacation and want to tell you all about it. The ones that follow me on Instagram already know my tropical holiday was one to remember. 

I won't bore you with all kinds of sexy (haha) bikini photos, but I do like to share my tips and tricks to have a wonderful stay at Curacao. In this post you will find all about restaurant tips, hot spots, shops and such. After three summers at Curacao, I think I found all the finest places on the island and now I share them with you. Click read more to read all about the hotspots of Curacao.



I'm so happy! My blog is finally back online again and I have given it a full new look and feel. I also have a new plan for the blog which includes: daily posts, more looks, more personal stories and more inspirational moodboards all designed by me. I recommend to follow me on Bloglovin' and Facebook so you don't miss out on any updates. PS: maybe you like my Instagram page too, find me: @terryringers.

Let's start off with a classic black girly outfit while strolling around on the streets of Amsterdam. I had a lot of fun shooting this outfit, let me know what you think about it! Click read more to see all the pictures.



One of the very first sunny days of this year my friend and I decided to go to the beach. It was still a bit cold but I didn't mind. I always really enjoy going to the beach. 

Click on the 'read more' button to see all the beautiful pictures we shot!



I'm always writing about how busy I am with school, so some of you guys asked me what I actually study. Then I realized I never really told it to you! Well.. here it is! A personal post about my studies and what I'm up to next year. This post is written in English and in Dutch, because I need to show this to my teachers.

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